TNW Pick of the Day: Apps Notifier is an easy way to create a watchlist for iOS app updates

TNW Pick of the Day: Apps Notifier is an easy way to create a watchlist for iOS app updates

TNW-PickOfTheDaySome of the most useful apps out there are also the simplest. That’s why I’m quite taken by Apps Notifier, which lets you monitor Apple’s App Store for specific updates, including versions, price changes, ratings and more.

You create a watchlist of apps and, when they’re updated based on the criteria you specify, you receive a notification.

How it works

You don’t need to create an account or anything – when you first launch the app, you’re good to go. Simply enter the names of some apps you particularly want to keep your eye on.



Hit the little ‘Cross’ icon next to the app, and it’s added to your watchlist. You can only monitor 10 apps at a time, which is a bit of a drawback, but not a deal-breaker.

You can view details about the update directly from the watchlist, without clicking through to the actual app.


For each app, you can easily specify which features you wish to track – it could be ratings, file size, languages, description, price and, importantly, version. When an app gets an update, you’ll see a message on your homescreen.


Prior to this latest update, Apps Notifier didn’t let you specify which elements you’d like to monitor – so it was difficult to tell from looking at an app whether it had new images, a new price, description or what.

With this latest update, what we have is a genuinely useful app. Developers can track competitors, journalists can track companies and consumers can track updates for price-drops and more.

Apps Notifier is the handiwork of Canada-based Pretzil Inc, which produces a couple of other app-discovery apps. But Apps Notifier is a nice addition to its armory of apps, given it strips out all the noise and just lets you monitor specific elements of an app.

Apps Notifier is free to download now.

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