Angie: An AngelList iOS app with full messaging features

Angie: An AngelList iOS app with full messaging features

If you’re a fan of AngelList, the US-based social platform for startups seeking funds, you may wish to check out Angie, an AngelList iOS client that lets you network and send messages directly to other AngelList users.

How it works

You do, of course, need an AngelList account to use this app – you can’t create an account through Angie without authorizing it first with your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn credentials. So if you want to create an account sans social network, you’ll need to do so through the Web.

You’ll see your usual news feed, optimized for AngelList, and you can follow new startups directly through the app.


In the contacts tab, you’ll see there’s a ‘near’ sub-tab, which enables you to meet interesting startups and investors nearby, which is a nice touch.

Tapping the AngelList API, Angie goes one step further than AngelList Wings, a similar iOS app that launched last year letting users browse AngelList and peruse information about investors and startups. Indeed, with Angie, you can message other users, and get notifications when you receive a response.


Angie also aggregates all the press coverage about startups that are added by startup founders.

“AngelList deserved a beautiful mobile app,” says founder Alexander Dresen. “Our team took the challenge seriously and build just that. Knowing immediately when an investor follows your startup, or sends you a message and being able to reply is vital in the funding-process. Investors like the Angie app because they now have instant access to AngelList on the go and they never miss an opportunity.”

It’s a wonder AngelList doesn’t have its own native iOS app already, but I guess when you open your API in such a way, it can leave it to folk like Dresen to do it for them. Would AngelList consider acquiring Angie? Stranger things have surely happened.

US incubator 500 Startups is a big fan of AngelList too. Back in January, it adopted AngelList as the sole platform for applications to its Spring 2013 batch. And in March, 500 Startups turned to AngelList again, this time to raise investment for its latest fund.

Angie is available to download from the App Store now.

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