Tripomatic’s daily travel-planning and itinerary app finally lands on Android

Tripomatic’s daily travel-planning and itinerary app finally lands on Android

Tripomatic was one of the startups demoing their wares at The Next Web’s conference last year, and the travel-planner startup rolled out a new iOS app shortly after.

Now, Tripomatic has landed on Android too, letting users create their own personalized travel guide for more than 40,000 attractions in 300 destinations globally.

Just to recap, the Czech Republic-based company launched initially in 2011 purely as a Web-based platform, with users entering their destination and how long they plan to stay. Tripomatic then plots out attractions and things to do on a map, enabling users to print it out, saved as a PDF or share with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

With the introduction of its first mobile app last year (revamped in November) however, this let users carry their map of attractions with them on their pocket rocket and went a long way towards procuring new users who want to have their travel plans with them on the road.

Indeed, the iOS app has been downloaded over 100,000 times so far and accounts for more than half of all trips created on Tripomatic. Now that it’s on Android, its user numbers can only grow.

Tripomatic arrives on Android

First up, you need to sign-in to the app, or create an account if you don’t already have one.

I’d actually quite like it if you could have a play around with it and create some itineraries without needing to do that, but alas it seems an account is required. And it does actually mean you can sync your trip plans across your various devices.

Once in, you click ‘create a new trip’, state your destination and dates, and you’re good to go. Attractions are plotted on a Google Map, and you can click on any given attraction to add to a specific day’s itinerary.


Within each itinerary, you can see distances, view photos and read more details for each attraction. It’s worth adding here, that the real value of such apps is offline access to maps – something this Android version doesn’t currently have (the iOS app does). We’d like to see that included in future iterations.


Founded by husband and wife team Lukas and Barbora Nevosadova in late 2010 before launching publicly in the summer of 2011, the idea was born from the couple’s exasperation at their own trip-planning nightmares.

“Imagine visiting an unknown city for the first time,” ponders Barbora. “The Tripomatic app helps you figure out what’s worth seeing. Launch the app, shake your phone and see all the interesting places around on a map. Pick the ones you like to create a custom itinerary right away.”

An Android incarnation has been a long time coming for Tripomatic, and we’re glad it’s finally here. It’s available to download for free now.

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