Netflix is now fully-optimized for Windows Phone 8

Netflix is now fully-optimized for Windows Phone 8

Good news for all you Windows Phone fans.

Netflix has just rolled out an update to its Windows Phone app, which means it now supports Windows Phone 8 devices with 720×1280 resolution screens – before, you’d see a black-bar across the top of the screen on some phones.

It’s worth noting here that some Windows Phone 8 devices (e.g. the Nokia Lumia 920) already served up full-screen Netflix support, but only because they matched the aspect ratios of Windows Phone 7 handsets. Now, the likes of the HTC 8 X will be going full-screen too, just in time for Arrested Development Season 4, which debuts on Netflix next month.

Netflix has had a Windows Phone app since November 2010 in North America, but only launched in the UK and other international markets last April.

The updated Windows Phone app is available to download globally now.

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