EasilyDo updates its app with private messaging, event handling, OpenTable and Evernote integration

EasilyDo updates its app with private messaging, event handling, OpenTable and Evernote integration

EasilyDo, a smart assistant application for your iPhone, has released an update on Friday with more integrations and functionality to help make your life more productive and simpler. Now available in the Apple App store, users can send private messages through the app along with managing events you’re going to. In addition, it comes complete with tie-ins to OpenTable and Evernote.

Snap 2013-03-29 at 16.36.54With version 2.2 of the app, EasilyDo enables users to send private messages to their friends for their birthdays. No longer will they be required to only post messages on Facebook — believe it or not, some people probably don’t prefer it (especially if they have a lot of friends) or if it’s something you’d like to share only for that special someone.

One of the things that seemed to perturb us while using the app was its limited scope in features, specifically with events. The app now gives users more management control over events that they are not only invited to and attending. EasilyDo will show the event details, ticket information and directions, while also enabling it to be shared across social networks. A calendar reminder can also be added for those that are RSVP’ed for on Eventbrite, Meetup, or even Ticketmaster.

But what if one of those events happens to be a dinner reservation? EasilyDo has also integrated itself with OpenTable so that all your reservation details are displayed.

Lastly, as users can have EasilyDo review their emails, another integration that comes with the update is the ability to save emails to Evernote. Almost like a way to bookmark those important messages, emails can be saved based on specific preferences, such as the sender, subject, or any that contain a specific word or phrase. In order to utilize this feature, users will need to authenticate their email account and also Evernote.

Other tweaks that have been made include improved local weather information, being able to track shipments, and better handling of conference call information. All of the above listed updates are available through the sidebar that can be accessed by tapping on the gear icon in the top right-hand side of app’s screen.

This is the latest update to come from EasilyDo since it launched its Web-based Builder service earlier this month. At that time, the company stated that its app had performed 290 million checks for new tasks, identified more than 2 million tasks and completed more than 750 thousand actions for their users.

EasilyDo has raised $4.3 million from US Venture Partners and Mayfield Partners and is only available for iPhone and iPod Touch.

EasilyDo for iOS

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