11 million downloads on, Expedia 3.0 taps live data to create visual itineraries on iOS and Android

11 million downloads on, Expedia 3.0 taps live data to create visual itineraries on iOS and Android

We last caught up with Expedia back in November, just as it had rolled out a new iOS and Android mobile app, adding flight information, special offers and high-res hotel photos.

Now, the online travel behemoth has launched a much more significant update with version 3.0 for iOS and Android, introducing new visual mobile itineraries which are connected to the traveler’s Expedia itinerary.

Indeed, the latest mobile Expedia incarnation gives travelers up-to-date information using a set of visual cues, tapping location-aware smartphone features and time-zone updates to surface the most relevant part of the itinerary.


The new itineraries feature updates its information in real-time as a traveler moves from A to B, and even lets users share their itinerary via email and text message. It covers flights, displaying confirmation codes, airlines, flight numbers, travel dates/times, gate information and flight status, as well as flight maps showing pins for departure and arrival.


It also features key hotel information such as address, contact details and a map of its location, alongside car rental details.

To coincide with this launch, Expedia also announced that the Expedia mobile app has been downloaded more than eleven million times in 228 territories, on iOS, Android and Windows 8 (tablet version), though the itineraries feature seemingly isn’t arriving on the latter platform quite yet.

Indeed, the latest update is live now in 30 countries and 16 languages, for Android and iOS, and also sees flight booking capabilities made available in Spain, Sweden, Austria, and the Netherlands.

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