Quicksilver application launcher for Mac emerges from beta after nearly 10 years

Quicksilver application launcher for Mac emerges from beta after nearly 10 years

Quicksilver, an application launcher built for OS X, has finally emerged from beta after almost 10 years of development with the release of version 1.0.

The open source software includes a new action for quickly adding files or folders to the catalog. Users can now specify synonyms for targets, rather than just abbreviations. The release also includes over 40 bug fixes, as well as localizations and APIs.


If you’re among the Mac faithful who have been using Quicksilver for years, Quicksilver’s interview with two of its lead developers is worth a read. Patrick Robertson and Rob McBroom reveal that Quicksilver’s stability and accessibility prompted them to release the app as version 1.0.

Apparently, the Quicksilver team spans 12 time zones, ranging from Japan to the US East Coast. Robertson learned how to code in order to participate in the Quicksilver project, and the team is actively looking for new volunteers.

Nicholas Jitkoff, the app’s original creator, had this to say of the milestone:

I’m amazed at what the Quicksilver team has accomplished since they took over the project a few years ago. They’ve created something truly worthy of a 1.0, taking Quicksilver from a flight of fancy to a fast, reliable productivity app. It has been a pleasure to use thanks to their frequent updates, countless refinements, and tireless effort.


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