TestFlight launches FlightPath: A new, handsomely designed analytics service for app developers

TestFlight launches FlightPath: A new, handsomely designed analytics service for app developers

TestFlight, the highly popular beta-testing platform for app developers, has announced the release of FlightPath in private beta, a new mobile analytics service.

FlightPath, it appears, is intended to replace the company’s TestFlight Live analytics product, which launched last year when TestFlight was acquired by Burstly.

Like TestFlight Live, the new FlightPath service is presented as a real-time analytics tool for apps launched in the App Store. What stands out as an immediate difference, however, is FlightPath’s sleek, simplistic design. Here’s an early look at the service:


FlightPath’s key selling point is its single-page UI, which the company claims prevents developers from “digging through multiple pages and then waiting hours to days in order to view specific data.”

With ease of use supposedly at its core, FlightPath packs various presets along with the ability to save custom combinations for later. Preset views include “Loyal Users,” “Early Adopters” and “Flight Risks.” The service gives developers the ability to see the number of crashes by audience, number of returning users, etc.


As with TestFlight Live, developers already using the TestFlight SDK just need to leave that line of code in their app when submitting it to the App Store. No additional effort is required.

This launch follows the release of TestFlight’s desktop app and the redesign of its dashboard, and shows how TestFlight is looking to use simplicity and quality design as a selling point to compete against the likes of Flurry. At the moment, we’re not aware when the new service will launch to the public, but you can sign up for the beta via the link below.

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