Cinemagram introduces tagging and lets users import GIFs (bring out the cats)

Cinemagram introduces tagging and lets users import GIFs (bring out the cats)

Cinemagram, the app for creating cool GIFs, has been around for some time but this year it’s come under pressure from a very high-profile rival, Twitter’s two-month-old Vine service. Factcyle, the company behind the app, added video editing features in a significant update just two days after Vine’s launch in January, and now there are more changes with the introduction of tagging and the option to import GIFs.

Cinemagram users have been able to upload videos from their device for some time, but now the option to add GIFs is a further differentiate the service from Vine, where all 6-second videos must be recorded via the app. In theory, any GIF from across the Web — even these — can now find a home on Cinemagram.

We’ll let you judge the merits of that for yourself.

The introduction of tagging uploads is one way to increase engagement on the service, in the same way that tagging friends on Facebook photos and status updates helps them see content.

You can grab the new features for Cinemagram via the link below.

➤ Cinemagram


Here’s one I made earlier…bonus: it isn’t a cat.

Headline image via MowT/ Flickr

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