Highlight updates its iOS app with photo filters, better sharing, and search functionality

Highlight updates its iOS app with photo filters, better sharing, and search functionality

Location-focused network Highlight has updated its iPhone app, allowing users to apply filters when they post photos, save photos from the app onto their device, and take advantage of new search functionality. The service’s Android app is expected to receive a similar update soon.

Highlight-1-5-2-(Filters-1)Last month, Highlight released version 1.5 of its app that gave users photo sharing and event broadcasting features — all under the guise of spontaneity. So if I happen to be wandering through the Austin Convention Center at SXSW and encounter a flash mob, I can post a photo and let others around me know what’s happening.

At the time, company CEO Paul Davison said that the new photo feature is focused on location and where the image was taken. Users can specify the place where they are at, tag their friends, share it to Facebook and Twitter, and more.

Now the company looks to be evolving its photo feature “to communicate with the people around them in all sorts of fascinating ways.”

Photo filters are not a significant feature, but it’s an interesting one. Highlight is launching the service with five filters, including Manta, Sun-ray, Dewdrop, B&W, and Cowboy.

In addition, the company has several other updates related to its photos and events offering. Now users can post and share photos right from their device’s camera roll so that it can be distributed through other apps like Instagram, Path, and Facebook. For those photos that a user has been tagged in, now Highlight allows those images to be downloaded and saved.

Additionally, Highlight now has a map view that displays people and events near you so that you can easily locate new things. The company says that the map view is accessible anytime from the top right of the feed. Users can tap anyone in the app to find out where they are on the map or go to the map and see who is where.

One of the other improvements made include having a search feature, which let’s you find other users and navigate directly to their profile.

The release of this update comes just as the tech world is set to head to the annual SXSW conference where location and photos will most undoubtedly play as a important part of keeping track of what’s happening in the area.

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