Conditions for iOS is a beautifully simple weather app for where you are

Conditions for iOS is a beautifully simple weather app for where you are

At this point, weather apps are almost a rite of passage for iOS developers. It seems that new ones pop up with alarming regularity in my inbox, offering one unique feature or another. I personally still quite enjoy Check the Weather for a comprehensive overview of all kinds of weather information in one app.

But Conditions is a bit different and tickles my design-loving bones with its simple, coherent interface and focus on telling you what the weather and temperature are where you are right now, and not much else. Conditions is an app from developer Jake Marsh that uses iconography and bold typography to give you a clear view of the atmosphere where it matters most.

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 10.25.36 AM
Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 10.25.23 AM

The interface sort of reminds me of the paper flyers you hang up when you’re looking for a roommate. You know the ones, with the details above and a rip-off tab with your phone number or email address below. It’s whimsical, but still effective, and best of all it’s very fast. A quick look at it gives you the info you need, and in a way that’s less visually complex (and therefore induces less cognitive load) than the standard There is a dark theme which automatically kicks in at night, and a high-contrast daylight theme, that’s about it. The location is pulled in automatically.

If you’re fine with the standard weather app, that’s great. Buit if you often check on conditions as you’re running out the door or exiting the office and want a cleanly designed app that offers a more concise and clear look at the weather, then Conditions is worth a glance.

Conditions for iOS $0.99

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