With a new ‘split’ every 10 seconds, ‘Instagram for social photo collages’ Pixplit lands on Android

With a new ‘split’ every 10 seconds, ‘Instagram for social photo collages’ Pixplit ...

Pixplit, an iOS app we dubbed an ‘Instagram for social photo collages‘, has fared well in its first three months and now it’s launched for Android.

By way of a recap, Pixplit allows you to choose a split-frame layout, fill one of the slots with a photograph, add an optional filter and then publish it to the Playground section of the app. Here, your Pixplit followers can add photos to the other parts of the layout to complete them.

Boosted by a feature spot in the App Store in 150 countries, Pixplit says that it now serves over one million ‘splits’ per day, with a new split created every ten seconds.


The new Android version, a free download available now, will help the Israel-based startup build on that traction. Sharing and collaborating on collages certainly isn’t for everyone, but the success of online expression platforms like Urturn (formerly Webdoc) shows that that there’s a market for this kind of sharing.

CEO and co-founder Jay Meydad is proud of the iOS version’s 4.5-star rating on the App Store, naming localization for 15 markets as the reason why users are particularly happy with it. A tip, perhaps, for other startups out there.

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Image credit: Michael Blann / Thinkstock

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