Utrip makes it easy to plan that big multi-city trip to Europe

Utrip makes it easy to plan that big multi-city trip to Europe

Utrip launched in the middle of last year as a smart way to plan a city break. Now it’s expanded to support multi-city trips for when you’re feeling particularly adventurous.

The Seattle-based startup has a neat approach to helping you plan out a trip, whether you’ve been to a city before or not. It’s particularly aimed at Americans booking trips to Europe, and 18 cities are currently covered with more being added every week.

Here’s how it works: you simply pick your dates, select the cities you wish to visit (if you choose more than one you can specify how long you want to spend in each) and then select from one of several profiles aimed at different types of traveler. For example, a student visiting Amsterdam is recommended pancakes, parks and museums while a luxury traveler gets a more upmarket selection.


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Once you’ve saved your itinerary, it will even suggest a hotel or hostel (depending on your preference) and allow you to book it right away with no opportunity for shopping around. While this may seem a little odd, Utrip is about convenience and limiting choice in a way that still makes the user feel in control.

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There are plenty of trip-planning services on the market but Utrip is a good option for anyone overwhelmed by choice when it comes to deciding what to do in their destination city.

There’s no mobile-optimized version yet, which makes it more of a ‘print out and keep’ type affair. Given that the target audience probably won’t want to rack up huge roaming charges, this isn’t necessarily a big problem, but it’s good to see that a mobile version is planned.

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