Access all your documents, wherever they are: Doo debuts Mac OS X app after 2 years of R&D

Access all your documents, wherever they are: Doo debuts Mac OS X app after 2 years of R&D

Germany-based doo is finally releasing version 1.0 of its document management and search solution for Mac OS X, after roughly two years of research and development.

The tool, which just hit the Mac App Store, is free and available for download worldwide. The software enables users to access and search documents wherever they reside, whether they’re stored in the cloud (on Dropbox, Google Drive and whatnot) or on their Mac.


The software was launched in beta in June 2012, but now it’s showtime for the Germany company, which has raised a total of $10 million in funding from investors like DuMont Venture, Target Partners, e42 Ventures, XING founder Lars Hinrichs and Prof. Dr. Dres. Hermann Simon.


Doo’s technology automatically extracts relevant information from each document and uses it to generate smart tags, which the company says helps users find any document in seconds.

Additionally, a ‘selective sync feature’ allows users to define which of their documents to manage locally, and which to back up and sync to other devices via the optional “doo Cloud”.

By connecting to a wide range of document sources, and with some automatic organization algorithms thrown in for good measure, doo’s digital document management tool is a helpful solution for those whose documents are scattered all over the Web and their computer(s).


Doo was founded in June 2011 by serial entrepreneurs Frank Thelen, Marc Sieberger, and Alex Koch, and is currently headquartered in Bonn, Germany, with over 40 full-time employees.

Thelen argues that the way we organize documents has basically not seen relevant innovation since the 1980s, as we’re still wasting precious time sifting through complex folder structures, both in the cloud and on the desktop, to find the files we’re looking for.

Doo aims to fix this: its solution is available today for Mac OS X and Windows 8, and the company says it will be launching complementary iOS and Android apps in the coming weeks.

doo for Mac OS X (Mac App Store)

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