4chan creator launches DrawQuest: A charming iPad app that helps you explore your creative side

4chan creator launches DrawQuest: A charming iPad app that helps you explore your creative side

Canvas, the image remixing site founded by 4chan creator Chris Poole (aka “moot”), has launched DrawQuest: a surprisingly entertaining iPad app that encourages users to embrace their creative side.

Operating as an independent service, the goal behind DrawQuest is to bring people together around daily drawing challenges. The challenges themselves, which the service calls “quests,” begin with a simple prompt and template to start you off.

For example, today’s quest asks you to “create your own super hero.”

1_quests copy

Another quest might ask you “what’s in the water?” An acceptable answer would be:


It’s important to note that there isn’t a right or wrong answer here. In the app, anyone can submit a drawing; it’s not about winning, as Poole notes, but instead was designed “to bring creative expression back into your daily life.”

DrawQuest is about re­learning to express yourself creatively and sticking with it. Everything about DrawQuest — from our simple drawing tools to the ability to star and play back drawings — was designed to foster a community of budding creators.

The app has a playful and child-like feel to it, but isn’t actually targeted towards kids. In other words, the youthfulness is there, but it doesn’t feel silly in the hands of an adult.

DrawQuest is still in its early stages — it doesn’t include commenting, for example — but our feeling is that Poole is onto something. It would be particularly interesting to see this method of encouraging creativity applied to other areas of artistic expression, too. Perhaps SongQuest/JamQuest for music or PicQuest for photography. Maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Regardless, the free app is certainly worth a try. Download it via the link below and let us know what you think!

➤ DrawQuest for iPad

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