Quora’s fastest Android app yet improves search and adds tablet support, including its new blogs

Quora’s fastest Android app yet improves search and adds tablet support, including its new blogs ...

Less than a week after launching blogs, Quora on Tuesday announced it has updated its native Android app, improving search and finally adding tablet support. You can download the latest version now directly from the Google Play Store (4.2MB).

Even if you don’t care about the new features, this part will make you want to get the update anyway:

With this release, we have significantly improved the performance and speed of Quora for Android. This is the fastest version yet!

Quora says this is its “first step toward creating a better tablet experience.” So far though, the landscape view on tablets (only available on Android 3.1 and up) appears to take advantage of the extra space pretty decently, thanks to a split panel.


Quora lists three examples how you can take advantage of this new view on your Android tablet:

  • You can browse through your feed and scroll through notifications while viewing full answers and blog posts at the same time (screenshot above).
  • You can answer questions, write posts, and comment while referencing the original questions or posts.
  • You can find the right person to answer your question by referencing their previous answers.

The company has also improved search with more results, making it easier to both ask and look for questions to answer:


Last but not least, as already mentioned, Quora recently launched a blogs feature. Clearly the company was waiting until after this feature was out before updating its Android app, saving itself from pushing out two new versions rather closely together:


The full Quora version 1.1.0 for Android changelog is as follows:

  • Tablet-optimization in landscape and in portrait on 10″ devices, with Android 3.1 and higher.
  • Load more search results and drill down and search for related items in an improved search interface.
  • Clear way to ask questions.
  • Best performance yet and improved stability.
  • Support for blogs.
  • Bug fixes.

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Image credit: Adam Ciesielski

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