Moosify’s Spotify app lets you meet new people through a shared taste in music

Moosify’s Spotify app lets you meet new people through a shared taste in music

Founded in California in 2012, Moosify is setting out to help you meet new people through music and places.

Based in Palo Alto, Moosify already has an iOS and Android app, but today it’s taking its social discovery service to Spotify with a dedicated app for the music-streaming platform.

After signing up, Moosify connects you with like-minded people around you, providing common interests that serve as icebreakers. You have a personal profile – including photos, character tags, favorite places in town and your most-played music.


So if you’re interested in hooking up with new people if you move to a new area, for example, Moosify could serve you well. And it’s probably also worth noting that your exact location is never shown in public areas of the service.

Moosify reels in places you’d be likely to listen to music in such as coffee shops, bars or clubs, and the app features also features an instant messaging service to help get the virtual conversation started.


“Moosify is dedicated to the demands and behavior of the youth generation, where music, entertainment and places play an important role when it comes to meeting new people,” explains Hans Posch, Founder and CEO of Moosify. “We’re particularly excited about the launch of our app within Spotify, which enables millions of Spotify users to connect with like-minded people with a few clicks.”


The service reminds us a little of Tastebuds, which is a dating service for music fans. Tastebuds actually arrived on Spotify last summer too, alongside Fellody, offering new ways for music fans to find love via shared musical tastes. The and Fellody apps allow users to match around the music they like and send messages or flirt through systems that are integrated into Spotify. Both apps scan a user’s music library to find tracks in common. From there, users can choose to contact people nearby to try their luck.

So…what are the differences here? “Moosify is by design more on the discovery side and not so much focused on the dating aspect,” says Posch. “It’s a place to explore, chat and meet new people, be it for attending a concert, having a drink or chatting about a new album. Additionally we’re mobile-first, and featuring music-related places as a strong connection to real life, aside from interacting online only.”

While Moosify may not be directly positioning itself as a dating app, when you combine ‘meeting people’ with ‘online’, this will no doubt appeal to those looking for romance.

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