GoPollGo takes its polling solution mobile by releasing an iOS application

GoPollGo takes its polling solution mobile by releasing an iOS application

Today GoPollGo released an iPhone application, taking its online polling solution into the mobile sphere.

TNW has covered GoPollGo several times, notably when it expanded its analytics toolset, and has used the service on our site a number of times to survey you lot, our loyal readership.

The iPhone application, which you can find here, is built to be real-time, so you the user can see input stream in as it happens. The interface elements are simple in their updating, so the experience isn’t cluttered as results come in. Naturally, Twitter and Facebook are integrated so you can sling your polls out to friends and contacts to cast a wide net.

Voting between the web and the application is linked, so no matter where a vote is recorded, it will show up on both platforms. According to the GoPollGo team, the application is seeing heavy usage among early adopters, with users taking an astounding average of “sixty to seventy polls at a time.” That average will certainly decline over time as its userbase expands.

GoPollGo isn’t only used by TNW, with the company claiming to serve millions of poll impressions monthly, with other high-profile users such as ESPN.

The company’s website lists no paid options, implying that GoPollGo is almost certainly revenue free at the moment, though it could likely generate some income through the sale of anonymized data to certain third parties. According to the CrunchBase informational database, the company has raised $425,000 to date, with its last cash infusion coming in mid 2011. Presumably, GoPollGo intends to release premium features for its product once it reaches a certain scale.

Top Image Credit: Viktor Nagornyy

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