Smart photo-browsing app Pixable targets emerging markets with a new version for Nokia S40 phones

Smart photo-browsing app Pixable targets emerging markets with a new version for Nokia S40 phones

Pixable, the New York-based, SingTel-owned company that helps users keep up with the best photos from their friends, is expanding its reach with a push into emerging markets by way of a new app for Nokia’s mid-range S40 handsets.

This handy app, which we’ve covered several times before, sorts recent photos from your friends into categories, like the ones with the most likes and comments in the past day, week and month. Given the way that Facebook doesn’t make it easy to see all your friends’ activity, Pixable is useful for ensuring you don’t miss the best photos that your friends post. It also supports Twitter images, Instagram, Google Drive and Dropbox photos. Although it’s not quite as smart in the way it sorts these, Pixable offers a good way to see them all in one place.

The company was acquired by Asia-Pacific telecoms giant SingTel for $26.5 million earlier this year, and today’s news targets Pixable at parts of the world where SingTel already does business. In addition to now supporting a platform used by many people in areas where smartphone penetration is low, Pixable now supports ten new Asian and European languages: Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.

Pixable is already available as a Web app and for iPhone, iPad and Android. The new S40 version includes core features along with the ability to share via MMS, popular in parts of the world where the market for cellular data services isn’t well-developed.

Pixable says that is has more than 5 million users, who between them swipe through more than 2,000 total photos per minute and who open the app an average of 12 times per month.


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