Flickr for iPhone gets better photo upload status, comment notifications and Twitter friend-finding

Flickr for iPhone gets better photo upload status, comment notifications and Twitter friend-finding

The Flickr app for iPhone has received a nice update based on ‘user feedback’ this morning. The release notes indicate that it’s easier to share photos on Facebook and to get notifications when Facebook friends join Flickr.

You can now also search for your Twitter friends on Flickr, allowing you to cross-pollinate your contacts list with the people you already follow there. This should help to improve the relevance of your current stream, especially if you weren’t already  a Flickr user. It’s worth noting that this is the same feature that Twitter shut off for Instagram just a few months ago. How long it will be available here is anyone’s guess, though Flickr uses Twitter Cards and is in bed with Aviary, the same folks providing Twitter’s filters, so perhaps there’s a better relationship here.


There are now notifications when someone comments on a photo that you’ve commented on, which is similar to many comment-threading systems. Also a move to include interactions and to pull people back into the app once they’ve commented.

Flickr says that these improvements come from ‘feedback’ and it’s making sure to ask for it actively. When you launch the app you’re asked whether you like it or not. If you say ‘it’s ok’, then it replies with ‘that’s a bummer, would you like to tell us what can be improved?’ Whatever the future of the app, Yahoo is doing a lot to make sure that they make the users of the app happy.

Since its introduction last week, the app has garnered a significant amount of attention and praise. Especially after Instagram’s Terms of Service miscue. Some bug fixes, including a Google sign-in problem, are also included.

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