Static for iPhone: A slick way to track stats across Twitter, Instagram, Google Analytics and more

Static for iPhone: A slick way to track stats across Twitter, Instagram, Google Analytics and more

Keeping track of all your online accounts can be hard, especially when you have to manually check dashboards on each service to see how many followers you have or if people are flocking to track your Instagram account.

There’s no shortage of app-based tracking tools, which consolidate a number of your online profiles to give you information on your follow counts and analytics at-a-glance, but a new app — Static for iPhone — wants to help put you manage and oversee your social accounts, and will let you decide which apps should be added in the near future.

Static was created Freshbytes designer and developer Jayson Lane as a replacement for Ego for iPhone, which slowly withered under the pressure of withheld APIs and lack of support from the services it monitored. As Ego dropped off the App Store, apps like StatNut (an app that tracks Dribbble, Twitter, Foursquare, Vimeo, YouTube, Tumblr and Instagram accounts) and Static have begun to take its place.


Currently, Static supports Twitter, Instagram, Google Analytics, Dribbble and Github, operating as a more social and developer-centric tracking app. However, Lane isn’t content to limit the app to just five services – instead he has leaned on Uservoice integration within the app to allow users to request the services that they would like to see added.

“There are a few services on the radar, including Tumblr, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and,” says Lane. “That being said I’m completely open to whatever services people would like to see most. In the About section, we’re using Uservoice which will actually allow users to input which services or features they’re interested in and then other users can vote for them. This will help us to determine the services that will be added next.”


Static employs a slick but minimal design, ordering the services you add in a vertical list. When more are added, they can be moved up and down to suit your tastes, waiting for you to tap on the horizontal bar to check how many messages or images you have sent or uploaded, how many people visited your website or the number of likes your artwork received.

To refresh statistics, Lane has included the same pull-to-refresh animation that is employed in Apple’s iOS 6 Pressing the brand icons will provide and option to delete a service or take you to the dashboard of that particular platform.

The interesting thing to note here is that Static has been developed to recognise certain application hooks and will take you to your Twitter profile inside Tweetbot, if it detects that you have it installed. Hit the Instagram link and it will instantly load your profile within the Instagram app.

Static is one of those apps that is in it for the long haul. While it may not support the service you really want to see added at launch, the platform is there to request it. This ensures that if you buy the app, you are going to get value for money further down the line.

Static for iPhone is $0.99 (69p) and is available to download right now.

Static for iPhone

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