Letterpress for iOS adds clever new shareable HTML game replays

Letterpress for iOS adds clever new shareable HTML game replays

Letterpress, the great word game from Tweetie creator Loren Brichter, has received a nice update today which adds the ability to share replays of your games on an interactive webpage. The replays are viewable on both computers and mobile devices because they’re displayed using HTML and JavaScript web technologies.

The process, which Brichter described to Federico Viticci, includes a turn-by-turn history of the game in a JSON file that’s then replayed via the shareable website. The progress of the game can be viewed by sliding through the turns in succession, or by tapping on the board.

You can see one of the replays in action here, or view our incredigif below.

When I spoke to Brichter about the creation of Letterpress on its launch earlier this year, he described it as one of the ways that he was experimenting with apps that allowed him to play with core technologies he had been thinking about since pre-Tweetie days. The interface of the game, if you’re unfamiliar, is packed full of fantastic details and clever twists on user interface that typify Brichter’s creations.

The replay function should be cool for bragging rights, but it’s also indicative of the room left to grow for apps and the App Store. The update also brings ‘lots of little tweaks’, an improved dictionary and better iPad orientation changes.


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