Foursquare brings updated venue pages to iOS, adds new post-checkin ‘highlights’

Foursquare brings updated venue pages to iOS, adds new post-checkin ‘highlights’

Last week, Foursquare updated its venue pages to make them more friendly both pre and post-checkin. Today, those improvements come to the iPhone app, with one additional change.

The new post-checkin experience on iPhone will now present you with ‘highlights’ of your visit. These can take the form of a tip from a friend about their favorite dish, streaks of check-ins or badges earned. These post-checkin notices are centered around providing a reward for the ‘active’ users of Foursquare, those that provide it with the data that it uses to build its public Explore product.

The other updates to the app, which reflect the changes made to the Android version last week, are all about customizing a venue page for the before and after check-in experience.

The pre-checkin venue pages allow you to see a bunch of photos at once, in a swipeable gallery.

Once you’ve checked in, a new design moves things that are more important to you up to the top of the page. This fronts things like check-ins by your friends, tops and deals and more stuff. These changes make the pages more reactive to check-ins, and potentially more rewarding. Note that they also de-emphasize the scorekeeping aspects of Foursquare and emphasize the things that the venue has to offer. Including, potentially, advertised specials.

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