Minteye wants to put an end to the CAPTCHA as we know it

Minteye wants to put an end to the CAPTCHA as we know it

Every Internet user knows how frustrating CAPTCHAs can be; they often require repeated attempts, can create barriers which deter users from completing your forms, and worst of all, they’re not perfect at detecting if you truly are human.

With all due respect to those who are fighting the global problem of spam, a better solution is needed for site owners that demand a quality user experience. This is where minteye comes in: the startup has created a “no-type solution” which instead utilizes a slider that tasks users to straighten out a contorted image.

Here’s what it looks like.

Once the slider is in the correct position, the form will be accepted. According to minteye, this alternative to text-based CAPTCHAs works just as well on touch screens as it does with a mouse.

Additionally, you may have noticed that there’s a subtle advertising element to the CAPTCHA. The contorted image is actually and ad, and users are required to look at that ad carefully in order to solve the puzzle. As such, minteye is pitching its service to both advertisers and site owners.

Minteye claims its product offers a higher conversion rate (94%, instead of a 76% industry standard) and may even increase your site’s security, while introducing a new revenue stream.

If you’re still sold on text or image identification CAPTCHAs, then by all means stick with them, but please don’t ask me to submit a form on your site. Otherwise, you can try out minteye’s CAPTCHA solution via the link below.

➤ minteye: Slide to fit CAPTCHA

Note: Ad Block Plus seems to be causing the product to not work.

Image credit: Jupiterimages / Thinkstock

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