Moving service Moveline launches a site redesign as it prepares for expansion

Moving service Moveline launches a site redesign as it prepares for expansion

Moveline, a NY-based startup dedicated to easing the pain of moving by helping you organize and track your stuff, compare quotes and hire a moving company, has launched a site redesign ahead of its plans to “aggressively” expand beyond New York in the first half of 2013.

We’ve kept our eyes on Moveline since it first joined TechStars NY’s accelerator program nine months ago. Since then, the company has seen a successful demo day and raised a $1.5 million seed round led by ffVC.

The new site, which features a responsive design that adjusts based on the screen size of your device (e.g.: tablet, PC, phone), adds significant polish to Moveline’s service. Let’s dive into the new look.

Every inch of the Web service has received a fresh coat of paint, which brings improved usability to its interface and features more vibrant illustrations and typography. Funny enough, Moveline’s paragraph type is Freight Sans Pro, designed by Phil’s Fonts — I’m sure this decision was only partially made based on the name.

Co-Founder & Head of Product Kelly Eidson explains Moveline’s reasons for its redesign:

Design has always been our biggest differentiator in the moving industry. The previous design was 2 years old and was pretty heavy with textures. We wanted to give a more modern and clean look and feel to the brand to reflect how far we’ve come with the product and the customer experience.

Moveline operates in a unique space and has met similarly unique challenges. For example, the company has commissioned a massive collection of inventory pictograms, designed by Anthony Irwin, because there’s simply no other way to secure icons of drill presses and wine racks. As such, Moveline has developed an interesting internal collection to illustrate every object you might own. Here are some of their favorites:

Moveline has positioned itself in an industry which desperately needs an intervention. And while the company faces competition from Unpakt and is currently only available in New York, Moveline is certainly poised to leave a strong impact on the moving industry.

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