Loser Chooser brings ‘Spin the Bottle’ to Android smartphones

Loser Chooser brings ‘Spin the Bottle’ to Android smartphones

Back in September, we brought you Klash, an iOS app for setting your friends challenges. And now, we bring you Loser Chooser, an Android app for, well, setting your friends challenges.

Loser Chooser proclaims to be the 21st century version of ‘Spin the Bottle’ and it selects a random player from a group of friends for a forfeit or dare on the spot.


The app comes with a pre-set list of dares, such as ‘Buy the Next Round’ and ‘Sing a Song’, but you can tailor the list to your own ends…either by typing it, or speaking it.

This feature was surprisingly accurate, having tested this by saying a few different dares into my mobile phone’s microphone.

You also have to enter names into the app’s friends-repository, then select which dare from the list you want someone to do.


Click ‘Play’, and voila…a computerized voice reads out who has to do what.

Loser Chooser could become a hit with friends in the pub, or at your Christmas party. That’s if you don’t decide to grab yourself a bottle and play the classic version. And despite claims to the contrary, I’m not sure coin-tossing, straw-picking and eenie-meenie have met their maker quite yet.

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