Flayvr now makes it easier than ever to share automatically-created albums of photos and videos

Flayvr now makes it easier than ever to share automatically-created albums of photos and videos

When something happens that you want to share, you may take multiple photos or videos but you probably only share one or two of them because it’s such a pain to do. Flayvr recently launched to tackle this problem, with instantly generated, interactive albums that make it easy to share a real flavor (or should that be flayvr?) of an event with others. Now it’s making the process even easier.

Flayvr is an iOS app (Android version coming soon) that monitors your Camera Roll for photos and videos and automatically groups them into albums of those taken around the same time, in the same location. These can then be shared via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, SMS or email and are viewable by others on Flayvr’s website.

Since launching last month, the Israeli startup says that one million photos and videos have been viewed and shared through the app. The new version, which has just launched, should help push that number higher, with the introduction of notifications when a new album has been created in the background. This should beat the problem of people who install the app, like it but then forget they have it and never use it again. As with all iOS notifications they can be turned off if they bug you, of course.


Flayvr has also redesigned the HTML5-based Web view for its albums. As you can see in the example here, a click of each image or video takes it full screen, and sound from videos included plays in the background helping create a better sense of the atmosphere of that particular moment.

The service isn’t 100% perfect. When it creates an album, it pulls data from your phone’s camera to generate the title. Photos of my visit to Israel’s Garage Geeks event got titled ‘Anna at Wayra Argentina’, pulled from the TNW team calendar. That said, it’s easy enough to edit both the title, location and specific media in each album.

As we’ve seen today already with Wink, there’s still plenty of room for innovation when it comes to photo-sharing, and Flayvr is a neat solution for giving your friends a real sense of memorable events in your life.

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