You can still view Instagram photos on Twitter, using this IFTTT recipe

You can still view Instagram photos on Twitter, using this IFTTT recipe

While Instagram appears to have no plans to ever support Twitter Cards for displaying images on Twitter again, IFTTT (If This Then That), a service known to some as duct tape for Internet, has come to the rescue: If you still want to see your filtered pics on Twitter, Instagram be damned, a recipe created by Daniel Bentley of Circa will do the trick.

What’s so interesting about this recipe is that unless Instagram completely bans IFTTT, the recipe can’t be stopped, as it grabs your Instagram photo and uploads it to Twitter. As you can see below, Instagram has temporarily been cut out of the picture — it’s not going to like this.

To use the recipe, simply activate it through your IFTTT account and share an Instagram photo with the hashtag #twitter. You’ll end up with results similar to what’s shown above.

Just two days ago, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom said on stage at LeWeb in Paris that he wants to make sure Instagram directs “users to where the content lives originally, so they get the full Instagram experience.” Systrom continues, saying “it’s just about where do you go to interact with that image? We want that to be on because it has a better user experience currently.”

We’re curious as to how long this workaround lasts, but until then, here’s your solution.

IFTTT: Bypass Instagram turning off Twitter cards via David Lee

Note: Instagram images are still displaying for some users on Twitter, but Instagram has informed TNW that it will disable this feature entirely.

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