Kiss Remixer: This app lets you download and remix songs from the UK’s Kiss radio station

Kiss Remixer: This app lets you download and remix songs from the UK’s Kiss radio station

Soniqplay has launched a new app in cahoots with Bauer Media-owned UK radio station Kiss, and the user-purchased downloads will count towards the official UK music charts.

Available for iOS and BlackBerry, the new app is designed to engage music fans while simultaneously helping artists and labels monetise their digital tracks.

How it works

When you first launch the app, you’ll be able to download one track for free to test out the remix feature…so I downloaded Girls Anthem by Rogue.

All your downloaded tracks end up in ‘My Music’, but to get music you head to ‘Get Music’ (see what they did?), where you can access a slew of hits from the likes of No Doubt, Example, Pixie Lott and more, for £1.99 each.

But it’s the remix feature that Soniqplay and Kiss are hoping will appeal to the mobile masses.

Users can play around with the different elements of a song – vocals, guitar, melody, drums and so on, while adding extra DJ effects on top of it, this could be cymbals or, as you can see here, a hushed ‘Yes’ effect.

As with any app worth its salt today, there is a social element built-in too, letting you share your masterpiece (ahem) with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

To enable this new app, Soniqplay has inked deals with the majority of major record labels and music publishers to allow their content to be mashed up in this way.

“This is a big day for us as we roll out our first commercial launch of our new digital model,” explains Martin Macmillan, founder and CEO of Soniqplay. “We believe music fans want to be able to do more with the music they love and this experience turns the music experience from a passive to an active one.”

The app itself worked well when I tested it out, but the real kicker here is that artists and labels will also be recompensed for each download, while the Official Charts Company will also feed the figures into its weekly chart data.

➤ Kiss Remixer: iOS | BlackBerry

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