FanBridge’s new YouTube marketing tools let you collect emails from videos and more

FanBridge’s new YouTube marketing tools let you collect emails from videos and more

FanBridge, an email and social media marketing platform popular amongst brands, musicians, entertainers and the sports sector, has announced the release of two new YouTube-focused products: Video Gating and Video Answers to Fan Questions.

FanBridge has increasingly placed emphasis on YouTube as a powerful marketing tool — with good reason, of course — and now these two tools, developed internally through a week-long staff hackathon, actually offer an interesting way to increase viewer engagement, watch time, and audience retention —  aka, what YouTube is places emphasis on in its search results and recommendations.

Collect Emails From YouTube Videos

On YouTube, there’s currently no way to “gate” videos, or hide them behind a ‘subscribe first’ wall. This makes quite a bit of sense for maintaining an open video network, but for content creators, hiding content behind a value capture element can work wonders for growing an audience.

FanBridge now makes that possible with a slick hosted landing page and embeddable widget, which lets views start a video, but then interrupts it with a sign up form. This, of course, may frustrate some viewers, but it’s honestly quite brilliant in practice. See an example of it for yourself here.

Fan Questions

FanBridge already offers a Fan Questions service, which, as you might have guessed, lets fans ask entertainers questions. Now, the service lets its users reply back with video responses, which are automatically uploaded to YouTube with details that FanBridge believes can help the video score better ranking in YouTube’s recommendation algorithms. The company does this by optimizing video descriptions with fan question text.

In short, if you’re interested in new marketing tools that tap into YouTube, FanBridge now has two new solutions. Learn more about them via the links below.

➤ FanBridge: Video Gating & Video Answers

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