Take a deep dive into your Twitter audience as SocialBro rolls out custom insight reports

Take a deep dive into your Twitter audience as SocialBro rolls out custom insight reports

We’ve tracked SocialBro from its launch last year, and it remains the easiest way to keep track of and manage your Twitter community. Now the Spanish startup has rolled out an update that lets you get super-granular to understand more about the people you follow, and who follow you.

SocialBro’s dashboard has always made it easy to identify, for example, people who follow you and have more than 1,000 followers, tweet regularly in French and are on over 300 lists. I use it regularly to quickly identify people who haven’t tweeted in the past month (easy unfollows!). Its slider-based controls have always made this a simple procedure, but the new custom reports gives even more information about whatever niche segmentations you wish to pull from your audience.

As the video below shows, you can now generate custom reports based on any saved filter in SocialBro. These reports can include a range of different information. For example, I generated a list of people with ‘journalist’ in their Twitter bio who had been on Twitter for over four years. I could see them spread out on a map, I added a bar graph showing how popular these people tend to be (most of them have between 1,000 and 5,000 followers, it turns out) and even a pie chart showing that only 1.8% of them had verified accounts. Reports can be exported as PDF files.

For businesses and marketers looking to understand their Twitter audiences, or for journalists looking to find the right people to DM about a potential story, these new reports are incredibly useful.

My one main criticism of SocialBro (besides its name which is memorable but raises a laugh at times when I mention it), is that its presentation could be slightly slicker. Complementary (but unrelated) product Twtrland, which we recently reviewed, scores much more highly in this regard.

SocialBro’s new insight reports are live now for all users of its premium Web app.

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