CANDDi’s smart website analysis tool gets new features to help turn more visitors into customers

CANDDi’s smart website analysis tool gets new features to help turn more visitors into customers ...

There’s a lot of value in taking existing data and using it in smarter ways. CANDDi exemplifies this, analysing website visitor information and changing individual user experiences dynamically to increase the chances of generating a sale from them.

Now the UK-based startup, which announced a £370,000 ($598,000 USD) funding round in September this year, has launched version two of its core product and three new modules to expand the service’s functionality.

CANDDi works by analysing and profiling visitor behaviour in real-time (see an example of a visitor profile below). Users can then segment their website visitors into separate ‘streams’. Each stream can then be set up with a chain of ‘Interventions’ that affect the way the site works for those users. Perhaps they’ll see different content depending on the type of items or content they look at, or maybe they’ll get a follow-up email if they leave the site without buying.

Version two of the CANDDi Core Prospect Analytics platform now offers an improved interface and user experience, while the new modules offer extra capabilities for users to add to their streams. A ‘Questions’ module lets users create targeted surveys for particular types of users, while the ‘Response’ module can send follow-up emails to users who perform certain actions on a website (for example, if they look at some products, visit the ‘About Us’ page and then leave, it might be worth sending an email that targets them as a cautious window shopper). Finally, the new ‘Alerts’ module sends summary emails and real-time alerts about visitor behaviour. If someone’s visiting your website who, based on their behaviour, looks likely to spend a lot of money, you can find out fast.

CANDDi, which has offices in Newcastle and Manchester, serves clients as diverse as real estate agents, insurance companies, a business consultancy and a chamber of commerce. Pricing starts at £100 ($160 USD) per month for low-traffic sites, with bolt-on Intervention modules starting at £50 ($80 USD) per month.


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