Space Box: This service lets non-developers accept payments with Stripe

Space Box: This service lets non-developers accept payments with Stripe

There’s been plenty of discontent surrounding PayPal lately, especially among developers, and that’s one reason why developer-focused payments startup Stripe has gained ground so quickly.

Yes, developers have been joining Stripe in droves, but since the young service isn’t geared towards the average, code-shy user, non-devs have been completely left out. This is where Space Box comes in: a service created by Drew Wilson which makes Stripe significantly more accessible by allowing anyone to set up simple and gorgeous payment pages, without code. Put simply:

Want to sell your products but don’t want to deal with PayPal or code your own payment form? Use Space Box!

As you can see below, after signing up for Space Box and Stripe (you can only join Stripe if you’re in the US or Canada), you can quickly create elegant payment pages.

Free users can post two public pages at a time, while Pro subscribers must pay $7/month for unlimited listings. After creating a page, you’ll then get a simple short link to share. Check out my rocket ship, for sale below (note: I am not actually selling a rocket ship).

Given that Stripe’s fees mirror PayPal’s, you may not immediately see the benefit of ditching PayPal. If you’re satisfied with your existing solutions, you should stick with them. Otherwise, if you’re searching for alternatives or are interested in Stripe’s lower international rate, check out Space Box via the link below.

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For more on creator Drew Wilson‘s design and development process of the Web app, which only took 5 days, head here.

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