Swype gets backup and sync features to take your personalized keyboard cross-platform

Swype gets backup and sync features to take your personalized keyboard cross-platform

You know Swype, right? The innovative mobile keyboard app that lets to spell out words by simply sliding their finger?

Well, an interesting update has been announced, one that will see your personalized Swype-powered dictionary made available cross platform, through new backup and sync features.

Nuance Communications, the company behind the Swype brand since its acquisition late last year, has rolled out the latest beta version of the keyboard. It will also now feature three different tablet keyboards (original, small and split) and offer updates for dictionaries with relevant “trending hotwords”.

What are hotwords? Well, the dictionaries will automatically update with the latest global trending words. Users can opt-in to receive updates to their dictionaries and stay up-to-date with the newest hotwords. Sounds rad.

But the most interesting facet here is the dictionary Backup & Sync features. So if you work across multiple smartphones and tablets (not iOS) Swype’s dictionary comes with you.

“Swype has proven that Android users love choice and flexibility as part of their user experience,” says Michael Thompson, executive vice president and general manager, Nuance Mobile. “Swype has truly embraced a multimodal, personalized keyboard that learns and adapts to each user’s preference. And with the ability to carry that experience across Android devices, pick your keyboard layout, automatically stay up on key trends and hotwords, Swype is by far the most customizable keyboard on the market.”

Swype isn’t available through Google Play for Android, it typically arrives pre-loaded on devices, or it can be downloaded from the Swype website or via an SDK for other operating systems. You can get the latest beta update with these features included now.

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