Found for Mac updated with improved search capabilities, now includes Evernote & SkyDrive integration

Found for Mac updated with improved search capabilities, now includes Evernote & SkyDrive integration ...

We all know that search can be an amazing tool if used correctly. One of the most important places where it can come in handy is on your computer. Imagine if you’re trying to find a document or presentation among all your photos, spreadsheets, and other assorted files and you don’t know where to look, you could wind up being really frustrated after a while. If you have a Mac, there’s one service that may help to make searching for your files across some important platforms much easier: Found.

We introduced you to this new desktop application earlier this year when they launched. Now, the service is announcing it has updated its features and will include searches in Evernote and SkyDrive, along with several other useful features. With the addition of these two services, Found now integrates with a total of six applications, including Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Docs, Gmail.

Found app update screenshot

Other new features that are a part of this released update involve optimizing all graphics for retina-screen displays, enabling right-click menus on search results to perform actions like Reveal in Finder or Show in Browser, allowing configurable hotkeys, and also deploying OS X sandbox compliance that requires users to fully opt-in control over what the app searches.

The incorporation of Evernote and SkyDrive is a direct result of “very loud feedback” that Found received from its users who sought to have one service search through all the “best-of-breed cloud services” in one place.

Lots of users are on Evernote, Dropbox, Gmail, and other supported services, so it was only a matter of time before we actually saw Found extending its service to the other popular apps. In a sense, you could think of all of these services as virtual external hard drives that a simple search function would scour to find that one file you’ve been looking for.

Searches done on your Evernote account involve full-text searches on all of your notes. With SkyDrive, the searches will be similar to what you currently experience with Dropbox. Found’s co-founder, Vijay Sundaram said that although his app is Mac-based, SkyDrive was surprisingly the most-asked for cloud storage service by the app’s customers.

Found’s latest release is available now worldwide in the Mac Apple Store. Additionally, Evernote will be promoting the update on its Trunk homepage.

Image credit: Adam Mulligan/Flickr

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