Netflix launches in Norway today and Finland tomorrow following Sweden and Denmark

Netflix launches in Norway today and Finland tomorrow following Sweden and Denmark

Netflix is moving forward with its rollout to Nordic countries. The company today updated its Android app with support for Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland. You can grab the new version now from the official Google Play Store.

The update fulfills a promise from earlier this year: Netflix announced its service would be coming to the four Nordic countries. Earlier this week, support for Sweden arrived, and today users in two more of the Nordic countries can also enjoy the movie and TV show streaming service.

As previously noted, users in Sweden are eligible for a free trial, after which the service costs 79 SEK (about $12) per month. The Denmark announcement from yesterday lists the same price, but that’s like a typo as the real price is 75 DKR (about $13) per month.

The Norway announcement today doesn’t list a price but we found it will cost you 79 NOK (about $14). From the announcement:

I’m proud to say that all these great Norwegian stories will be on Netflix in Norway today, along with other great entertainment from around the world. In addition to our rich catalog of Hollywood films and TV series and a rich collection of British mysteries and comedies, Netflix will also be developing original series that will debut exclusively in Norway on our service. One of them will be “House of Cards,” a remake of a classic BBC political series starring Kevin Spacey and produced and directed by Academy Award-winner David Fincher. Other great series will follow.

We expect a blog post for Finland to come tomorrow and we’ll update this post with the corresponding price.

Here’s the full Netflix for Android version 2.0.2 changelog:

Netflix is now available in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.
Improved subtitles support on Android v4.x

It’s worth noting that Netflix’s iOS app, over on the official Apple App Store, lists Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, and Swedish as supported languages. Once Netflix launches officially in Finland tomorrow, as we expect, both the Android and iOS apps will be good to go.

Image credit: Christa Richert

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