Clarity releases scheduling feature to replace, aims to connect 10 million entrepreneurs

Clarity releases scheduling feature to replace, aims to connect 10 million entrepreneurs

It’s inevitable that entrepreneurs run into problems every once in a while as they pursue their dreams. Often, they might be wondering where they can turn for help and advice on what to do. Serial entrepreneur and investor, Dan Martell, has set out to create that solution for troubled founders. It’s called Clarity and connects you with an experienced advisor so you can ask all the questions you want to help you get on your way. Clarity has been growing pretty steadily over the past six months and today, is announcing that it has rolled out two new features that will help make getting and giving advice much easier.

The premise behind this service is that entrepreneurs can call a specific advisor, like Lean Startup’s Eric Ries, Hubspot’s Hiten Shah, 500 Startups Dave McClure, Hootsuite’s Ryan Holmes, or countless others and talk to them about their startup issues. Calls are charged by the rate the advisor sets and portions of it can go to a charity they choose.

Starting today, Clarity is rolling out a scheduling service that will help fill the void left behind by the closing of by Research in Motion. Martell explains that because of user demand, a scheduling feature was needed to help better connect people across numerous time zones. If you’re looking for advice, you can suggest your availability at the time of requesting a call. Advisors can make adjustments as needed and you can go back and forth until you find the perfect time for both parties.

Additionally, the service has been focusing on call quality and connectivity. It’s just bad when you have a call with someone giving you advice to help your business and you can’t understand them due to poor call issues.  Clarity is rolling out conference lines and access codes to both the advisor and entrepreneur in an attempt to enhance the experience while also allowing multiple users to participate — most likely working best for multiple co-founder teams.

With these two new features, Martell is hoping that Clarity will continue its goal of having a “huge impact, all over the world”. He says that within the next 10 years, he’d like to help out 10 million entrepreneurs by just connecting them to the right people. So far, it’s doing pretty well having surpassed 10,000 calls last May.

Maybe the adage is true: it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

Image credit: Mirona Iliescu/Flickr

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