Netbot for update fixes annoying cross-posting behavior, adds support for user search

Netbot for update fixes annoying cross-posting behavior, adds support for user search

An update for the still very popular Netbot for fledgeling platform has been released. The update fixes an annoying cross-posting behavior from the initial release and allows access to’s user search function.

Initially, when Netbot cross posted an item between and Twitter, it appended a link to the post at the end of every tweet. I found this annoying when I originally reviewed the app and noted it as something that could use some rethinking. I wasn’t alone either, and many stopped cross-posting because of it.

Now, posts that are sent to both and Twitter will only feature a link if they are longer than Twitter’s 140 character limit. has a character limit of 256.


In addition to the new cross-posting behavior, you can now search for individual users with Netbot, utilizing’s new search API. Only the iPhone version has been updated so far, but the iPad edition should get these tweaks soon as well.

As a side note, if you’re really hankering for push notifications, you can snag Adian from the App Store, as their latest update adds support for sending you to Netbot:

Since Netbot does not have push notifications, Adian has added a setting which will redirect its push notifications to open Netbot to the specified post instead. You can set it from the Accounts page by tapping on the blue arrow next to your username.

That being said, we expect native push notifications to be available in release 1.1 of Netbot.

Netbot for iPhone


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