TBS launches its Social Dugout app in time for the MLB playoffs and rewards you for watching

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It’s October and if you’re a sports fan, you’ll know that it’s playoff time for Major League Baseball. But how will you be watching your favorite matchup? Most likely in front of a television screen watching on TBS. That’s great, but what if you could get rewarded for just sitting there and watching the game? Cable network TBS thought about this and it’s launching a new app called TBS Social Dugout to enable fans to compete and win prizes as they cheer on their favorite team in the postseason.

Currently only available for iPhone devices, TBS Social Dugout is the type of app that you’ll want to have open as you’re watching the entire game. Powered by social TV gaming platform provider Kwarter, it gets you involved in the action without forcing you to keep your eye on your phone instead of the game. It’ll supplement what you’re watching on TV so you’ll still be able to focus on the action while trash-talking with your friends and drinking and eating.

TBS Social Dugout screenshots

Here’s how it works: open up the application and you’ll be able to pick from any of the available matchups happening that day. Choose what you want and then you can participate in the community room where you answer questions based on what’s happening at the game or you can create your own private room and play against your friends. Each correct answer you get will give you points and improve your ranking with more points given if you’re playing in the community room versus in a private one.

Questions you might see would involve asking for predictions on how many runs will a team score while at bat or how many home runs will a batter have, or what will the batter do next? Once you cast your vote, you’ll also see how others voted and then if you win, you’ll be notified. When there are special instances like a home run, make sure you pay special attention to the app because tokens will subtlety stroll past the screen and if you tap on it before it disappears, then you’ll receive extra points.

Other features with TBS Social Dugout includes it being, well, social. That means that you can share your comments, insights, and even your photos with the rest of the community as the game is happening. So if you happen to be at the game and are following along with the app, you can take a photo and share it with everyone participating and receive feedback.

Practically everything that you do on the app will earn you credits. If you receive enough, you can eventually redeem them for actual prizes through the app. This may include discounted tickets to other sporting events, merchandise, accessories, fan goodies, and more.

The TBS Social Dugout app is available for download now on the iPhone with the Android version launching later.

Photo credit: KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP/Getty Images

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