Minilogs: A bookmarking tool and media player that turns your links into playlists

Minilogs: A bookmarking tool and media player that turns your links into playlists

You’ve no doubt heard of bookmarking tools such as Delicious and Kippt, and media-specific platforms such YouTube and SoundCloud which let you build playlists to listen or watch.

Well, Minilogs is a Web app courtesy of a Paris-based startup of the same name. Its motto, “turn your links into playlists”, sees it merge these two concepts rather nicely.

Once you’ve created an account, or logged in using your Facebook credentials, You can manually save any link to a dedicated ‘Log’, or a ‘playlist’ to you and me.

Hit the ‘New log’ button to get the ball rolling, or click on ‘Logs’ to view existing ones you’ve created:

Now, a playlist could contain anything you want to save – an online PDF, a Google Map, a song, a video…you name it. You obviously won’t be able to ‘Play’ all these links, but you can build compendiums of related links either for your own use, or for other users to peruse.

The most obvious use case for Minilogs is to create music playlists on the fly – you can paste in links from any public source, such as SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo and more. While in a specific log, you can hit the play button, and it’ll play the songs in sequence:

Of course, this can be a very laborious process – copying/pasting links just to create playlists. This is why Minilogs has also rolled out a handy little bookmarklet and Chrome extension. With the extension, for example, you can add any video or website to an existing Log of your choice by clicking the little ‘M’ icon in your browser:

There are, of course, similar tools out there already as discussed already, and it does encroach on Pocket‘s territory somewhat, but a playlist concept covering all link types, and a media player too, is an interesting one. You can create mixtapes, video playlists, photo albums or just a list of your favorite sites. There is a social element too – you can vote up other playlists, and connect with other users on the site.

It’s still early days for Minilogs, but with mobile apps and a few tweaks here and there we could be hearing a lot more about these guys in the future.

Meanwhile, check out the official Minilogs promo video below.


Image Credit – Mario Tama/Getty Images

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