Twist launches its “time-saving” iOS app outside the US, Yammer CEO David Sacks joins as an advisor

Twist launches its “time-saving” iOS app outside the US, Yammer CEO David Sacks joins as ...

Twist, the startup behind a free iOS 6 app (iTunes link) that enables people to let others know when they will arrive somewhere, is today launching its application in English-speaking markets outside the United States; in Canada, the UK and Australia to be more precise.

In addition, the company is announcing that Yammer CEO David Sacks, who just sold his company to Microsoft for a gazillion dollars, has joined its advisory board.

Twist says Sacks “has and will continue to play an instrumental role in guiding product strategy” and more.

From our very own Brad McCarty’s earlier review of Twist:

“Twist is a little bit like Glympse, in that it allows you to tell someone where you are. But instead of just showing them a location on a map, Twist will figure out exactly how long it’s going to take for them to get to the intended destination, whether that be via car, on foot, on bike or what have you. There’s a certain level of genius going on behind the scenes, and I have to say that it’s got me hooked on the app already.

For a walkthrough, it works like this – I can create a Twist, and set it to begin when I leave my current location, ending when I meet my wife for dinner.

She’ll get a notification of my departure, via SMS, email or the Twist app, and Twist has gone to work calculating via GPS and traffic exactly how long it will take for me to reach our date.

The beauty of the system is something that I glossed over a moment ago – It only starts when you leave, and it ends automatically when you’re within 1 minute of your destination.

So really, once you’ve taken a moment to plot your goal, the rest requires zero input from you. Twist will even update as traffic flow changes, because the entire goal is to make sure that you’re never going to keep someone waiting.”

Twist claims more than 250 million people are late for meetings every day in the United States alone, costing businesses more than $90 billion dollars per year, but it failed to say where those numbers come from, exactly.

The company has raised $6 million in Series A funding earlier this year.

Twist for iOS

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