Applicasa launches management platform into beta to help mobile game developers increase revenue

Applicasa launches management platform into beta to help mobile game developers increase revenue

Applicasa, the startup offering a server-side solution for mobile app developers, has launched its mobile game management platform to provide tools for increasing revenue.

The new platform helps developers work on in-app purchases and data analytics for improving apps and enticing gamers.

Applicasa’s co-founder and CEO Lior Malenboim notes that the developers the company has been working with are highly focused on money-making and this influenced the decision to offer the new service.

“Generating revenue is of the utmost concern to game developers across the board. So we’ve created what we believe is the first-of-a-kind platform that helps them do just that. Because it combines in-app purchases, data analytics, and server-side functionality into a single offering, our new platform will benefit apps that require an A to Z solution as well as those that already have in-app purchase capabilities.”

Making money from app sales and downloads alone is a long process. Applicasa says that it is worth exploring in-app purchases as an added monetization method.

Malenboim also says that although in-app purchases have significant revenue potential, few app developers have the tools, or knowledge of users and their in-game behavior, to create effective, in-app promotions.

The new mobile game management system aims to help developers with these issues though the provision of relevant data about spending and playing behaviour. The information can also be segmented into variables such as the highest amount spent in one transaction, total purchased, last time played, current balance of virtual currency and others so that strengths and weaknesses can be pulled into focus.

There’s also a helping hand when it comes to promotion. Developers can drop a few lines of code into their apps that trigger a promotion when users reach a milestone such as a goal or a high score.

Promotions can include special deals, announcements via push notification or rewards such as currency or virtual goods within the games.

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