Digg updates its iOS app, adding support for your iPad

Digg updates its iOS app, adding support for your iPad

Today Digg released an update to its iOS application, adding support for iPad to its mix. The new version, 3.1, includes ‘reading sync’ to let the user read the same story stretched over multiple sessions, and improved navigation.

If you are a Digg fan, the app can be found here. If you already have it installed on your iPhone, check for the update.

Digg has undergone a phoenix-like transition, moving under the BetaWorks aegis for a mere $500,000. Digg was once a juggernaut in the news and social space, blazing much ground that we now take for granted, such as the handing of content curation to a community via digital franchise.

Under its new owners, Digg has relaunched, though not without bumps, to generally positive reviews. If it can rebuild its former audience is up for debate.

What was once the Slashdot effect, a deluge of traffic that would melt servers, became the Digg effect as the site grew and overshadowed its predecessor. Following its much covered decline and fall, Digg ceded that title to the now ascendant Reddit.

Today’s release underscores that Digg, far from dead, could be on the rise again.

Top Image Credit: Joi Ito

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