Perennial favorite Camera+ comes to the iPad with iCloud syncing

Perennial favorite Camera+ comes to the iPad with iCloud syncing

Camera+ has launched an iPad version of its super popular camera replacement app for the iPhone today. The iPad version has been designed from the ground up for the larger screen and isn’t just a blown-up version of the original.

It also includes iCloud syncing between the iPhone version of Camera+ for photos shot and the Lightbox editing library. The iPhone version of Camera+ has also been updated to take advantage of the iCloud syncing, as well as adding Facebook sign-on and support for the iPhone 5’s screen. Both apps are on sale for $0.99 today.

There are also several iPad-only features including importing from Flickr and Facebook, advanced image adjustments, photo straightening, layer effects and brush-on effects.

A New York Times article mentions the difficulties that TapTapTap had with implementing iCloud sync:

“It didn’t work for the past year, and developers have been complaining about how bad it is,” Ms. Bettany said in an interview. “Our developers have recoded the whole thing to make it work. It’s taken twice as long as it should because of the problems with it.”

This is a common complaint that I hear from those implementing iCloud in their apps. The documentation is poor and iCloud is really a bundle of networking protocols tied together under an overarching branding banner.

Still, it seems Camera+ put in the work to get it right here, so if you’re a fan of the app and you have an iPad, this should be right up your alley.

Camera+ is one of the big App Store success stories. At one point in January of this year, it was selling a copy every three seconds and had made $5.1M in sales. The company’s founder, John Casasanta, has also gotten a reputation for being pretty open about their philosophy. He says that Adobe, Zynga, Google and Twitter have all approached the company to acquire it, but that it values its independence too much.

Camera+ for iPad

Camera+ for iPhone

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