Tinfoil Security launches to show you where your site is most vulnerable

Tinfoil Security launches to show you where your site is most vulnerable

Launching with investments from Dave McClure, IDG Ventures, RTP Ventures and David Tisch, Tinfoil Security believes the security market is broken, and hopes to fix it with a service that is able to detect exactly where your site is most vulnerable.

Today marks the public release of Tinfoil Security’s web application scanner, which not only highlights security issues, but also provides actionable results on how to fix them. So far, according to CEO Ainsley K. Braun, the startup has found vulnerabilities in 93% of all the websites it has scanned — we’re going to go ahead and bet that this rate likely wont drop any time soon.

Security isn’t exactly the easiest nut to crack, especially for a young startup that is competing with services like Whitehat and McAfee Secure. Still, the founding team of MIT grads touts extensive security experience, and seems to be approaching the ever-growing problem of security with an affordable solution.

Braun tells us that Tinfoil Security plans to eventually expand into other forms of security that small and medium businesses need, including mobile, network, and automated social engineering. For now though, the company is heads down, focusing solely on securing websites.

If your interest is piqued, check out the company’s free service, which includes weekly scans, 1 user and 5 URLs. If you’re willing to pay up, there are many more comprehensive options available here.

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