Quick Math is an educational dream for kids, math crack for adults

Quick Math is an educational dream for kids, math crack for adults

Out today is an app for your iPhone and iPad that will delight your kids, confound your competitive side, and annoy your friends. Meet Quick Math.

The premise of the game, er, educational tool is simple: math problems are displayed on the screen, and you scrawl the answer anywhere you please, using your finger. Assuming you get it right, it’s off to the next query.

At the end of a set, a graph of your various completion times for that specific test variety and difficulty level are displayed. It irks to lose ground on speed.

The app has exercise sets for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and a mixture of each. The harder the difficulty, the more varied your required inputs become. From the app:

The app costs a dollar if I have it right, so it won’t hurt the ol’ pocketbook. I’m going to foist it on drunk friends when they stop by, and then mock them mercilessly the next day over their scores.

Naturally, you can use the app to help your little kids learn math – no more making worksheets! – and even use it on the occasion to keep sharp. But, if you have a competitive side, get ready for war.

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Top Image Credit: Sharat Ganapati

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