SoundHound passes 100 million users of its smartphone and tablet app

SoundHound passes 100 million users of its smartphone and tablet app

SoundHound, the music search and discovery service has announced that more than 100 million smartphone and tablet users have downloaded its app and used it to identify songs or learn more about artistes.

The service aims to provide an immersive experience for music fans by providing a simple way to finds more information about bands and artistes they know or seek out unfamiliar new sounds.

In January 2010, the company rebranded. The tectic appears to have worked as at the time it had 2 million users and now serves over 100 million. SoundHound says that this rapid rate of growth is virally driven by a social mobile user base.

SoundHound says it is seeing new users download the app at an average rate of more than 200,000 per day on the two dominant mobile platforms, iOS and Android, with a peak record of 1 million new users in one day already achieved.

The company says that the profile of an average user is a person who is deeply engaged and social, spending a significant amount of time within the app during each visit and frequently sharing music finds with friends through the embedded social networking tools.

SoundHound tried to keep things fresh for users with new features to increase engagement. The LiveLyrics feature was  launched last year as a way for users to well, explore and share lyrics. According to SoundHound, this introduction has been ‘wildly popular’.

With the competition for music apps becoming fierce and a finite amount of space on the front page of a smartphone, it will be interesting to see how the company continues to grow and keep its existing audience.

Image Credit: Jake Mohan

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