SoundCloud’s updated iPhone and Android apps let you edit audio on the go

SoundCloud’s updated iPhone and Android apps let you edit audio on the go

SoundCloud today announced an update to its iPhone and Android apps that makes the process of editing and publishing your content a lot easier and smoother.

Updates to the app enable you to pause and resume recording, trim audio clips, adding the ability to create a fade in and out to your sounds, and enabling you to listen through your phone’s earpiece without the need for headphones.

Pause and Resume

Recordings can now be started, stopped and continued as many times as required. A really useful feature for recording longer segments of audio, or working around distractions or interruptions.


Correct mistakes and cut unwanted sections from your recordings by using the new Trim feature. Simply drag the sliders in from the edges of the waveform to trim your sound down, when paused, to the part you want to keep.

Fade In/Fade Out

You can now apply a ‘Fade In/Fade out’ effect to loud recordings to achieve a smoother start and ending, for a more professional sound.

Private Listening

Only available on the iPhone at the moment, private listening is ideal for listening to private messages, or for listening to some great new sounds without letting others know what you’re hearing. Here’s how it works: simply hold the handset up to your ear as if you were taking a phone call and the audio will be re-routed to the phone speakers.

SoundCloud for Android

➤ SoundCloud for iOS


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