StumbleUpon launches completely redesigned iPhone and iPad apps, featuring a fresh new look

StumbleUpon launches completely redesigned iPhone and iPad apps, featuring a fresh new look

Following a traffic nose-dive from last December’s site redesign and the recent loss of its CEO, StumbleUpon is placing major bets on mobile with today’s launch of its completely redesigned iPhone and iPad apps. StumbleUpon’s previous iOS app showcased a rather mundane but acceptable mobile experience, but now the company is releasing something that’s significantly fresher and easier to use.

As you can see below, the app now features a bright and colorful editorialized layout that lets you browse previews of pages, instead of having to wait for them to load. The light background in particular immediately feels more lively than the previous app’s dark design — a shift that may hint at future changes to StumbleUpon as it evolves on the Web and across other devices.

More on the home screen, StumbleUpon’s app now prominently displays trending and activity pages with updating images, instead of a static “Stumble All Interests” button, followed by your interest categories. The standard Stumble button is now conveniently placed right at the bottom of the app for quick Stumbling…a nice feature when you’re bored and waiting for a meeting.

More on what’s new, according to StumbleUpon:

– Slide Feature: Preview each page while it loads. Swipe to see more.
– StumbleDNA Feature: Colors in your StumbleDNA represent your “Likes” by Interest. As you Like more pages in different Interests, you’re StumbleDNA will change to show others what you are interested in.

The redesign looks much more carefully built than the previous app, and features an improved navigation experience that sits right at home on the iPhone. Beyond that, it’s a simpler and prettier experience that we wish had existed from the start.

You can download the free app via the link below:

➤ StumbleUpon for iOS

Find TNW on StumbleUpon here.

Image credit: STR, Stringer / Getty Images

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