Flow’s incredible task management system gets a slick update for iOS

Flow’s incredible task management system gets a slick update for iOS

When you’re talking about to-do lists and productivity apps, it’s not hard to find good ones. We’ve been inundated, of late, with great options for the desktop, for mobile devices and everywhere in between. Flow caught our attention because it’s clean, simple and cross-platform. Today the company has released an updated version of its iOS app and it’s marvelously done.

The big advantages to flow don’t stop with being cross-platform. Its design beckons you to treat it like a simple to-do list, but its features welcome you to go in-depth with its task management options. Instead of just piling on task after task for yourself, you can assign them to other team members, pushing those tasks into their display. That same display will appear on their mobile device as well.

The new iOS update brings Apple users in parity with the Web-based version of Flow. It’s supremely fast, management of tasks is simply done and it feels just at home on the small screen as it does in a browser. My only gripe? You can’t (yet) rearrange your daily to-do list in the iOS app as you can on the Web.

Flow goes above and beyond in other areas, as well. The service features unlimited use of all of the tools for a single monthly price of $10. For $100 you can use it for a year. There are also discounts in place for teams of 3 or more. There are nightly backups of all of your data and the team hints that there are more apps to come.

Flow is made by the team at MetaLab Design, the same ones who brought us the freelancer-geared CRM system named Ballpark. It’s free for 14 days, so you can see if it’s something that fits what you and your team need, and the iOS app is free as well so give it a download and let us know your thoughts. I hate productivity apps with an undying passion. Flow is the first system I’ve found that actually makes me want to use it.

Flow for iOS

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